The Pioneer “Boer” Breeding Farm in Sri Lanka 

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About Us

Baarak Farms (Private) Limited is a Limited Liability Company incorporated and domiciled in Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka under the Companies Act No: 07 Of 2007. The Registered Office of the Company is located in the District Of Colombo and the Principal Place of the Business is situated at Dalagodawatta, Menikgoda, Nauttuduwa in the district of Kalutara.

The main activity of the Company is goat farming and involving in livestock related activities mainly in Sri Lanka and if required abroad.

The Company was formed in early 2010 and it took almost a year to complete all the required construction work enabling them to hold the initial lot of the parent goat which were imported directly from Malaysia via airfreight.

The company also being recognized by the Ministry of Livestock and Rural Affairs as the pioneer farm in bringing the original “Boer” breed successfully into the country via air freight amidst all the practical and approval difficulties.

The commercial operations of the farm commenced only during 02nd quarter of 2011.

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